Aside 3 Jan

Happy New Year!

Now that everyone has hopefully recuperated from New Year’s Eve, it’s time to fire up the old computer (or typewriter or pen) and start writing.

Writing can be hard to squeeze into one’s schedule, especially if you have a real job.  I remember while writing See Mommy Run in the 1980s, I worked at a newspaper putting classified ads in the paper.  Generally waffled by the time I returned home and made dinner for four children and a husband (sometimes he cooked), the last thing I wanted to do was plunk down at my old 1926 standard typewriter.  To get myself to write, I’d play a little game with myself.  

“Laura, do you want to put ads in the newspaper for the rest of your life?” I’d ask.  The answer was always a resounding no.  “Then get up off your rear and write just a page.”  The ploy usually worked and the result was a 57,000 word novel I wrote in my spare time. 

Remember, just one page!



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