Actress Sharon Randall – Inspiration for Double Take antagonist

9 Apr

Sharon Randall is a ninety-year-old actress who has had a long career in film and on stage as a lyric soprano and star. Born Janice Chambers in Chicago in 1923, we recently reminisced about her beginning in show business.

Laura: Sharon, as you know, you were the inspiration for the 1950’s film star Laura de France in my recently released YA novel Double Take. How does that make you feel?

Sharon: Flattered. How did you find out about all of this?

Laura: Your sister Dale.

Sharon: Oh, dear.

Laura: She didn’t tell me all at once, just a little here and there. I was fascinated with her stories about you as a child star at MGM. Tell me, how did you get started?

Sharon:  We grew up in Chicago.  And at that time Zeppo Marx heard me sing and was very impressed.  He knew one of my teachers. When he went back to California, he arranged for a contract for me at MGM.

Laura:  Oh, I remember Zeppo.

Sharon:  Zeppo was the agent.  He wasn’t really part of the group. He was wonderful. Anyway, he arranged for my contract.  I was at MGM for about, gosh, two or three years.

Laura: How old were you then, Sharon?

Sharon:  About twelve.

Laura: Twelve? Then you were just a little girl. 

Sharon: I was.  I did a couple of pictures there … Young Doctor Kildare and things like that.  I also did a lot of tests for Judy Garland. She was so beautiful and terrific. Mickey Rooney was there too, but Judy was my favorite.

Laura: Dale said you were considered for Judy’s role in the Wizard of Oz.

Sharon: I don’t think I was really considered, but I did a lot of tests with the actors, especially Bert Lahr, The Cowardly Lion.

Laura: So how many hours a day did you go to school?

Sharon: We went to school in the morning from nine to twelve.  We had a wonderful teacher named Mary McDonald.  What a nice lady.  It was very exciting! Such a good time.

Laura: Were you there with Elizabeth Taylor?

Sharon: No, I met her though.  I was gone by then. She was much younger than I. She studied with my teacher. Gene Reynolds was there, too. He was such a wonderful child actor.

Laura: What about Margaret O’Brien? Did you work with her?

Sharon: I don’t think so, but I knew her.

Laura: What about your mother?  I understand she started you and your sisters Dale and Carol out in show business. You all took acting lessons and singing lessons, did you not?

Sharon: Not together. I was much older. My father inspired me as singer. He had a beautiful tenor voice. 

Laura:  What happened after you left MGM?

Sharon: I began doing musicals like The Boyfriend and Song of Norway.

Laura: So you travelled?

Sharon: Yes, Chicago and New York.

Laura: I have a picture of you when you did Song of Norway. How old were you then?

Sharon: About twenty-one.

Laura: I see how much you and Dale look alike.

Laura:  How did you meet Dick?

Sharon: Now, that’s a very interesting question.  Maybe we should save that for another interview.



One Response to “Actress Sharon Randall – Inspiration for Double Take antagonist”

  1. cfitzh2ozwater March 1, 2016 at 5:46 am #

    It’s so interesting how so many people we meet have such interesting backgrounds. I guess we all need to ask more questions.

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