Welcome Author Selena Robins!

Hello everyone,

Today I’m thrilled to have Selena Robins as a guest on my blog. Funny and energetic, this writer is a treat to interview.

Laura: Hi, Selena. What’s your latest novel and what’s it about?

Selena: Hi, Laura, thank you for introducing my work to your blog and readers.

My current release is What a Girl Wants. It’s contemporary romance for readers who enjoy a tropical setting (Hawaii), a lot of spice, comedy, sexual innuendo, witty repartee, unexpected twists, sexual lovemaking scenes, and a splash of mystery in their books.

The heroine’s (Maddie) business is mischief…the hero’s (Alex) business is singe-the-eyebrows off a mannequin sex appeal and keeping secrets–together their businesses are booming–together they’re trouble–together they never expected their lives would spiral out of control and on a different path than they’d ever imagined.

Laura: What was your inspiration for What a Girl Wants?

Selena: The friends-to-lovers storyline has always been a favorite of mine. Do I think that all female/male friendships end in true love? No. However, I do believe that strong friendship which has an underlying sexual attraction that both people ignore for whatever reason can be the foundation for a rich, longlasting love affair (marriage). Even with all of the screw-ups and internal conflicts they have to encounter along their emotional roller coaster ride. I love the idea that even with all of the baggage, personal demons, careers that test their loyalty to not only their friendship but to their love, they have to work hard at recognizing their love, and maintaining the fun, chemistry, sexual tension and excitement that brought them there in the first place–a unique-bonding-friendship.

Laura: There are lots of “shoulds” and “have to’s” in this business. What one piece of advice would you advise an unpublished author NOT to follow?

Selena: I highly recommend writers don’t follow the “Write what you know” advice. I’ve read this advice for writers in a lot of places, and in my opinion, it’s one that cannot possibly be followed and can stunt a writer’s learning curve and growth.

Has anyone actually met a vampire, an angel or a fairy? (Okay, I’m sure there is some society out there who claims they have, but I’m talking about the “norm”). The same goes for heroes we love to read and write about such as police, firemen and Navy Seals for example. We love to write about them, but most of us haven’t been in these professions. The same goes for the villains we love to hate: mobsters, high-powered, cranky talk show hosts, crooked judges, etc. If we “should” only write what we know, then we wouldn’t characters with the aforementioned professions or even delve into writing about fantasy and horror.

I would tell aspiring writers to fire up their imaginations with the emotions they have experienced in life: first crushes, heartbreak, love, even hate, losses, gains, thrill of that first job, the kick in the gut when you’ve been fired or betrayed, the different seasons, traveling, etc. Emotion is what I believe develops great characters and we’ve all experienced a a myriad of emotions in our lives. Tap into your own personal emotions, whether it be happiness, fear, phobias, love, heartbreak…whatever the emotion, use that to develop your characters and advance your story.

Laura: Character development is crucial to a good book. What do you think readers would enjoy most about your characters in What a Girl Wants?

Selena: I agree characters are the most important element in a novel. From the feedback I’ve aleady received, readers enjoy the heroine’s quirkiness and outrageousness, but at the same time appreciate her intelligence, passion and loyalty.  They loved her interaction not only with the hero, but with her girlfriend, mother and the people she meets. I’ve also received a lot of feedback about the hero’s drool-worthiness, but even more than his good looks, they loved the way he respected the heroine, himself and the people around him. These characters are not perfect — they have many flaws — and that’s what I believe draws the reader in. They can relate and also dare dream that maybe they can take life by the reins and go after what they want.

Laura: Who has been the person or persons who have supported you? How important is the support of others in the writing process?

Selena: My husband is my biggest fan and cheerleader. I’ve also been blessed with supportive family, friends (both online and in “real” life), other writers who are also good friends, and  most of all the readers who not only embrace the romance genere, but are enthusiastic, supportive and eager to let a writer know how much they enjoy her work.  I’m grateful for all of them.

Support is crucial when pursing a writing career or any art form for that matter. Creative people are highly sensitive and emotional, also brave. We put our work out there and when the rejections and bad review come, we need to have a support system to listen to our rants, and of course, supply the red wine and chocolate.

Laura: Many writers say they are inspired by their dreams or the characters chattering away in their head. What inspires you to write the stories you create?

Selena: Throughout my life, even during the difficult times, I’ve always used my sense of humor to get me through the highs and lows, and I think that humor comes out in my writing. As for inspiration, I wish I could say something deeply profound that people will Twitter and use as a quote, but I really don’t know. I love books, I love the written word, and l love people watching and storytelling. I guess those are all inspirations.

Laura: Do you have a method by which you write– surround yourself by music and dim lighting at a special time of day while snuggled on the couch?  

Selena: I’m a morning person, so I do my best writing in the morning. Again, I wish I could conjure up a great visual of soft music and lighting, burrowed away in a log cab surrounded by deer grazing in a beautiful forest. That’s not the case. I do, however, like to light a fire in the winter months.  In the summer I sit outside to write.

Laura: Are there any other generes you have written? 

Selena: Outside of the romance genre, I’ve written children’s books under the pen name Maddie Ryan. I thank my reader group for coming up with the title.  They’re not only supportive, they are always right there with wonderful suggestions.  The book is called Pippy’s Wish and it’s now available on Amazon.

It’s about an Angel-in-Training who is quirky, mischievous, loveable and enchanting. She can’t wait to graduate, earn her wings, and become a cool teen angel.  Although she sometimes makes mistakes, her ingenuity and humor usually get her out of trouble. Except this time she’s gotten into trouble.  Big trouble.

Pippy’s Wish is a fun, inspirationsal read for all ages. The book also includes some of Pippy’s favorite recipes.

Laura: What projects are you working on now?

Selena: I’m in the process of editing my second romance which is called Decoy in Stilettos and is targeted to be released sometime in February (fingers crossed). Readers can get a glimpse of the first chapter on my website: https://selenarobins.com/Coming_Soon.html.

I also have a cookbook that will be released in February. It was put together with seven other authors and is filled with an eclectic array of delicious recipes.  I’m also working on a romantic suspense/thriller, yet unnamed, and hope to have it finished this year.

Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Laura. It’s been a real pleasure. I wish you much success in your publishing journey.

Laura: And thank you, Selena, for allowing me to interview you.  And best of luck with your new books!

Where you can find Selena Robins:

Selena’s Website: http://SelenaRobins.com

Selena’s Blog: http://SelenaRobinsMusings.com

Twitter: @SelenaRobins

Maddie Ryan’s Page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MaddieRyanChildrensAuthor

Maddie’s Ryan’s Blog: http://MadieRyansCorner.blogspot.ca/


2 Responses to “Welcome Author Selena Robins!”

  1. kamebookreview February 5, 2013 at 6:36 am #

    Add RomanceMan and this would be full circle…he asked me to review the book, which got me talking with Selena, which lead to the interview….cool. Goodluck Laura on your new venture. Can’t wait to read the new book Selena!

    • Author! Author! Laura Kennedy February 5, 2013 at 8:13 pm #

      Dear Kame,

      You did a great job on the See Mommy Run interview discussing the ’80’s. It was a lot of fun. Hope we can work together soon.

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