Margie McDougal has had it!

See Mommy Run
reviewed by Kelly Smith on
4 Stars

Margie McDougal has had it. She’s reached her breaking point with her husband Mike who treats her like wallpaper and her teenage daughters, Kim and Molly, who treat her like she’s the enemy. Trapped in a dead-end job that was supposed to be temporary and a family life that’s devoid of every emotion except for anger, Margie packs her bags and runs away. Arriving in San Francisco with a couple of bucks and not a clue what to do next, Margie slowly rebuilds her life.
Finding a room to lease in one of San Francisco’s painted ladies, Margie makes friends with her roommate Ginger and Ginger’s good friend, Randy, who lives upstairs, and after a few fits and starts, Margie finds a job she loves. Between her new job and new friends, and with no distractions from her vacant husband and indolent children, Margie begins to figure out who she is as a person. Though Margie’s enjoying herself immensely and has even begun dating, in the back of her mind are Mike, Kim and Molly, who she unceremoniously left behind. After a tragic event occurs that sends her into a tailspin, Margie realizes that the family she left behind are still a huge part of who she is and head’s back home to see where, or even if, she still fits in.
With See Mommy Run, Laura Kennedy is spot on in depicting the frustration a mother and wife can feel when they believe they’re simply the automaton that keeps a family running. What mother and/or wife hasn’t dreamed of doing exactly what Margie did? Although I have to admit that my “running-away” dream usually involves a tropical beach somewhere in the Caribbean with lots of umbrella drinks and a mountain of good books! ?
Ms. Kennedy scores with the honesty of Margie’s feelings and her journey to find herself. Although See Mommy Run has some pretty serious moments, over all it reads as an honest portrayal of one woman’s bravery and struggle to find herself by doing what mainstream society would deem unthinkable.


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